Glenn's Weekly Motivational-HOT BUTTON POST!

Photo credit Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)


Are your friendships and relationships being compromised because of how people are handling Covid?

Chances are, you might fall into one of these 4 categories:

I wanna be safe, but I'm not gonna stay barricaded in my house.

I wanna be safe, and I'm gonna stay barricaded in my house.

​I think it's real, I know some people who have it, I'm gonna try and be safe, but I also may do some hypocritical things unintentionally.

I think it's blown out of proportion, and if I get the rona, I get the rona. If masks are so effective, why are the numbers going up?

OK, we all know someone in these categories, and if you have social media, you might get incited by some people. People that seem like they have no idea a pandemic is going on, and living their best life..Maybe, it's someone in your family. You care, they don't. They care, you don't. Relationships being compromised..Maybe, even forever.

If there's one thing this pandemic has unleashed, it's people's true colors..Nothing has exhibited more passionate posts on social then our reaction to coronavirus, if schools should be open or not, or politics..Often, all are in the same sentence.

That's because humans are passionate...We post what's important to us..Our kid and their accomplishments, our dinner and our accomplishments in making it, our vacation and how we accomplished palm trees and you didn't. Always looking for that self esteem boost in an era that is increasingly self serving and needy due to our increasing isolation.

The truth is, Covid IS DIFFERENT when it comes to button pushing. If I believe in God, or a certain political stance, that doesn't directly effect you. If I don't choose masks, that potentially DOES effect you, and might cost you or a loved one's life.

I have friends that think very differently than me on a bunch of topics. Was the moon landing real? How inflated is the positivity rate due to all the false positives? Why did I purchase Lionel Richie's cologne? If I choose to be friends with you, then I choose the idea that we may not agree..

Some of my friends wanna eat inside a restaurant and I don't. Do your thing. I will just not be around you right now and order takeout instead.

Some of my friends think Dewine is doing a bad job and some think he's doing a good job. Let's debate and respect each other's opinions.

And some of our friends may not understand entirely why our kids do sports still..Or how we're being as safe as we can, so I don't post on social, because sometimes the context could be misinterpreted. The conversation is always welcome though.

It's when we think our opinion is the only right opinion, that we get into trouble. It's when we think we have the correct data and statistics. It's when we become controlling in nature that we become ignorant as people with the inability to grow.

As Christmas approaches, lets respect other's opinions, even if we think they are way off base. If I choose to be friends with you, then I respect YOU.

But if you're doing something so against what I believe in, and I can't get past it, then lets agree to disagree and I will remove you from my social media feed so you don't cause me stress.

​Whatever your take is, be safe this Christmas, look out for those that may be more compromised than you, and let's get back to debating the real issues:

Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.

All my best for your life and the relationships in it xoxox Glenn