Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Stop Talking in 2021

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As the year comes to an end, I have done some reflecting on the good and the bad, and I have come to a conclusion:

We would all be better people if we had an edit button..

Sometimes for radio, I will record a break versus doing it live. If I stutter, if I screw up, if I don't like the inflection, I will re-do it..That way, I completely control the outcome and message. Wouldn't it be great if we had this option in real life?

Think about it. Your significant other would never have to interpret what you actually meant when you spoke. You could actually listen to how you respond and determine if the words you used were ok. You could listen to your tone, you could make sure you actually sound coherent and not talking over and through your wine glass. You would observe your body language and how it comes across..You could wait before you actually deliver the message and assess if the message was conveyed how you meant it to be. How much unnecessary drama would this prevent?

I struggle with this, at times. On this blog, I can stop and think about my overall message. I can be intentional in my delivery. When I'm face to face, that censor button is a bit more relaxed. I think I'm saying one thing, but someone thinks I'm saying something else. Sometimes I try talking through it all, and end up getting the last name of a Cleveland Brown's player..Takitaki

I think I'm conveying empathy, and it comes across as judgement.

I think I'm making a joke, and I end up hurting someone's feelings.

I think I'm paying attention, but I'm waiting for a moment to interject.

The truth is, is that we will never have that edit button with people when they are right in front of us. Live TV, radio, and life is a different animal, and that's why social media is a good and bad place. It's good in the sense that you control the message. It's bad because that message may not be entirely truthful or even accurate. SPOILER ALERT: No one is living their best life right now.

As we say goodbye to the life lesson that is 2020, I encourage you to edit yourselves. I encourage you to pause, if only for a second, and think about how you're coming across when you speak.

Could you be judgy, could you be insensitive, could you be misinterpreted with what you're about to say?

If you feel confident, go for it. If you fail, learn from your mistakes and be better next time.

Covid has us all feeling more opinionated than ever. We are passionate and feel others should be too. Stop talking and listen more.

​And it shouldn't have to be said, but if you're contemplating texting someone at 11:59 on New Years Eve, wait till the morning, If you still feel the same way, send it.

I truly appreciate all of you that continue to read my words week after week. I write for you, I write for me, and I hope we all can benefit from the community of it all in some way.

I wish you all a blessed and happy 2021. It's only uphill from here

xoxo Glenn Takitaki Anderson