Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Decision

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Everything comes down to a decision...

This was the theme at church this weekend, and the phrase stuck with me. During the last 4 months, those decisions have been made more often without much thought because I just wanna get through the day..

Some of those decisions have been super positive:

I have decided to spend more time playing with my kids.

I have decided to spend more time creating healthy meals for my family.

I have decided to reach out to more friends, and figure out a safe way to see them.

I have decided to start REALLY reading the Bible, and learn as much as I can.

I have decided that walking the dog 3 times a day might be healthy.

And still, a lot of those decisions have not been quite as positive:

I have decided to eat what I crave, because its a pandemic and that's all we got to keep us happy..Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and chips.

I have decided to watch the news more.

I have decided that reading community forums is voyeurism at its finest, and I like to know the drama and who thinks which lives matter more.

I have decided that happy hour could start earlier in the day.

I have decided that everything in the house needs to be updated or changed because of the amount of time I'm here.

And so, all of those decisions come with positive and negative consequences. I am more educated, I bond more with my kids, I am fatter, my spirit is lifted, I have way less money, my faith in humanity is crushed, Covid will kill us all, I just wanna go out, I am the best dog parent ever...Whew

Everything comes down to a decision..

The time we're living in has definitely reshaped us, but how we react can change our course even more. How many of you have let some of the things you stood for and believed in be compromised? The answer? Most all of us.

Don't blame everything on the world around you. Don't find excuses for why you can't do this or that. All of life can not be blamed on Covid. Has Covid changed your routine? Then you change it too.

Change how you eat, change how you vacation, change what you watch on TV, change how you work out, change how you spend your free time, change your relationships, and change your excuses..

And on a side note...Stop going up to the islands and acting like you're invincible..You're not, and you give good kids bad ideas (Learn from Ferris)

All my best in your life and the relationships in it xoxo Glenn