Glenn's Review of Frozen at Playhouse Square

Photo credit Glenn Anderson (Audacy Radio)

My daughter Madelyn and I saw Frozen at Playhouse Square last night.

I gotta be honest, you don't need to read this review to want to go. You NEED to go. So go buy your tickets now, the link is at the bottom of this review.

Like most people, I have the benefit of knowing the story inside and out. Those songs playing on the 2013 equivalent of Alexa on repeat.

And yet, it all felt fresh and new, with a Broadway feel that added to the already rich story line.

It's the story of Anna and Elsa. Two sisters that live in Arendelle. Elsa turns everything to ice, and its up to Anna to save everyone from freezing to death.

The story is a bit more involved than that, but you already know that.

Madelyn was 6 when the movie came out, and to see it in a theatre now that she's 14, is something that every parent can relate to. If this is your first time to the theatre with little ones, you all will appreciate, as well.

I cried during "Let It Go", it was that powerful and the special effects were mesmerizing. The whole show takes you on a journey that is part nostalgia with plenty of toe-tapping, and part Wicked meets Lion King..Disney knows what they're doing.

Frozen is at Playhouse Square through September 11th. Get more info and tickets HERE