Kobe's Thoughts On Being A Girl Dad

Kobe and his daughter
Photo credit (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Kobe having 4 girls was so special to him.  Period.  He made everyone know that.  Here are TWO videos that will make you cry.  It will especially choke you up if you have all daughters!  This ESPN reporter met Kobe ONCE and this is her interaction with him.  WOW.  What he said is amazing.  This is why you see the hashtag #girldad trending!

Here is what Kobe told Jimmy Kimmel about being a father of girls and what Gigi said in response to that.  My heart.

I have 2 girls.  They are my world.  My parents only had me.  The relationship I had with my late Dad was so strong and amazing.  I used to always feel bad that I was his ONLY.  No son. 

Then I married.

Then I had TWO girls.  No grandson.  It never mattered once to my Father.  He always said being a father of a daughter was the best.  A bond that can't be denied.  The first and ONLY man that never hurt me and loved me was my Father.

RIP Kobe & Gigi.

Melanie @meltaylor1007