Mr. Jones In Katy Is Ford Truck Famous

A man in Katy, Texas used his F-150 for power and got the whole world's attention.

In the tweet above you see Mr. Jones and his Ford truck that possibly saved him a lot of headaches and troubles. It was a few months back that he decided to get the new Ford F-150 that is equipped with a generator and it turned out to be the best decision he ever made. As was visible in the photos, the outlet from the truck was enough power to make coffee, stay warm, charge devices, watch TV and listen to music which is something many could not fathom without power or water.

The truck is the new hybrid from Ford that features a 7.2kw generator and Mr. Jones says trading in his old one for this one was the right one. I'd say!

The Winter freeze was certainly tough and many are still reeling from the damage caused by the extreme cold but stories like this one give us a little bit of light in an otherwise tough time. Mr. Jones helped his neighbors with his source of power and has had the story shared all across the world. Katy, Texas may be it's own town but it's a representative of Houston and we're proud to call Mr. Jones a member of Bull Country!