Kevin Durant-Nets meeting reportedly included an airing of grievances

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Festivus came early this year for the Brooklyn Nets.

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Kevin Durant effectively rescinded his trade request Tuesday following a meeting a day earlier with Nets brass. Durant this summer requested a trade and later gave an ultimatum to choose either him or the GM/coach combo of Sean Marks and Steve Nash, but all parties met Monday in Los Angeles to hash things out.

The end result was an agreement to continue their “partnership”, which ultimately is probably the best course of action for everyone. The Nets would be losing a star player if they traded him, but their ask was so huge that any team Durant would have gone to likely would’ve needed to gut their roster to land him.

But appearing Tuesday on the “Pat McAfee Show”, The Athletic NBA Insider Shams Charania dropped an interesting nugget: Monday’s meeting was the first time everyone got together since the season ended.

“I do believe that feelings were aired out in that meeting yesterday," Charania said. "I don’t know exactly how long that meeting went, but anytime you have a meeting with all those stakeholders -- and this is the first time they’ve met since the Nets season ended on April 23. This meeting probably should’ve happened months ago, guys.

“This should have happened right after the season when you know Kevin Durant was displeased with how the year went. There were a lot of issues, underlying concerns that happened after they finished the year, this meeting should have happened then. It takes two and a half months to happen, but I guess better late than never.”

Better late than never is right, but it’s also baffling that it took them that long to get everyone together when it was clear even during the season that things were amiss.

Perhaps the lack of a group meeting is an admission that the Nets never really were serious about trading Durant. But unless feelings were so raw that it needed this long to simmer, that’s a perplexing approach to the situation from both sides.

“I think that the elephant in the room was that it’s clear both sides (had) some level of friction going on once the season ended,” Charania said. “Everything needed to be aired out, Kevin Durant went and met with Joe Tsai, aired out his feelings, his grievances, toward, in that situation, the GM and the head coach.

“But those feelings are ones that you have to direct at those people and feelings that you have to make sure you have a conversation. And finally they were able to have this conversation yesterday in Los Angeles where they were able to air everything out.”

Things are copacetic for now, but we’ll see how long things stay settled once everyone gets back together next month.

Hopefully Durant at least got to start the meeting with "I've got a lot of problems with you people, and now you're gonna hear about it."

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