WATCH: Ron Rivera rings bell, celebrates final cancer treatment


On Sunday, Ron Rivera’s team got a big win over the Dallas Cowboys to keep his Washington Football Team in the hunt in the NFC East.

But on Monday, Rivera took another big step in his fight with cancer: He completed his final chemotherapy treatment.

And even better news, doctors told Rivera he is responding well to treatment, and “What I’ve been told is, it’s headed in the right direction.”

Rivera announced a diagnosis of squamous cell cancer in August and completed his seven weeks of treatments Monday with a chemotherapy session and a proton treatment. There are still several weeks when he will have to have follow-up evaluations and scans, but he managed to be on the sideline to coach every game for Washington during his treatment.

When asked last week about what has surprised him about the treatment, Rivera said, "There are certain things that pop up all of a sudden, side effects that you have — the fatigue, how tired you get, at times you get nauseous, honestly at times sometimes your equilibrium is messed with, almost a sense of vertigo. Then the nausea.

"It hits you at any time, anywhere. That really was, but the fatigue and going out to practice and stuff, it limited me and that really bothers me because I can’t really coach the way I coach. That’s hard. But being out there and not being able to just get into it the way I normally would, that was hard for me.”

The fight continues for Rivera, but today was a day of celebration.