Desperation or development? Braves face tough decision with Michael Soroka?


There were some questions when Kyle Wright got hurt if the Braves could use that opening to bring Michael Soroka back to the majors, but that wasn't the decision at that time. Now with Max Fried joining Wright on the IL those questions are being asked again.

92.9 the Game Atlanta Braves Insider Grant McAuley details how careful the Braves have been with Soroka and how they have to weigh two very different options when they make a decision on how to replace Fried in the rotation.

"At some point they're going to need some consistency, you've lost 40 percent of your rotation, two of the most important arms on your staff," says McAuley. "We've talked a lot about Michael Soroka. They've brought him along, the last couple of outings haven't been that good. When you don't pitch for a couple of years you have to knock off that rust and the Braves wanted to take the time they needed to bring him back. But now you wonder if you open yourself up to the idea of trying this thing out."

The Braves decided to use a bullpen game Wednesday (due to a day off Thursday) to cover the opening in the rotation. But they may have to find something more consistent if both Wright and Fried with be out for any real length of time.

To hear all of Grant McAuley's comments, press play below:

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