John Smoltz says Spencer Strider doesn’t need a third pitch right now

Braves legend & Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz explains why a third pitch isn’t necessary for Spencer Strider right now

When asked if Spencer Strider needed a third pitch John Smoltz told The Morning Shift that down the road he probably will. But right now the Braves young flame thrower is just fine.

“I think ideally you’d like to get that third pitch, he doesn’t need it right now.” Smoltz said.

Smoltz said the way Strider is able to put backspin on a four-seam fastball is “unmatched,” and he loves how the young hurler “knows his body.” Smoltz also called Strider’s pitching style “unique” and says the way Strider throws a baseball is “not for everybody.”

Strider’s command is what Smoltz loves most about the former Clemson Tiger.

“I just love the way he’s in total command of everything that’s going on on the mound," said the Hall of Famer. "That’s not what every pitcher does. You think every pitcher would be in command and control, and I think the one thing for Spencer Strider is he utilizes the science along with his own philosophy that I think will keep him healthy.”

Between his command, unique pitching style, knowing his body, his lower-body foundation, and being able to put backspin on a 100 MPH fastball, Strider won’t need a third pitch for a while. Braves legend Smoltz absolutely agrees with that statement.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Brett Davis | 2023 May 6