Jay Gruden on Sam Howell's bad day in Commanders really bad loss to Giants with Chris Russell


Jay Gruden joins Chris Russell to talk about the Commanders' 31-19 loss to the Giants, the bad day on offense, the bad day on defense, what the loss means for Washington moving forward and what happens next for Ron Rivera and the coaching staff. But before getting into all that, Gruden answers one of the questions on everybody's mind: Was that the most embarrassing, painful loss of the season?

Gruden then gets into the three interceptions quarterback Sam Howell threw and what he saw as from the second-year passer.

"Yeah, well the first pick was bad, it was a force, 1st-and-10 and Sam took a shot down the field on the post route, and the guy made a heckuva play, but still that's not a throw you wanna make on 1st-and-10 and the game's close," Gruden told Russell. "...I just think Sam was trying to press a little bit too much and on the other side of it I think they were giving Sam too much to do when he was struggling a little bit.

"I think they needed to go back to a more controlled passing game, get some screens out there, get him back into a rhythm a little bit. He never really got back into that rhythm. They had a nice touchdown drive but he just looked flustered the whole game and didn't look sure of himself and forcing balls into coverage.

"And when that happens you gotta really pull in the reins and try and get him back on track and they never did."

After getting into all that, Russell and Gruden take a look at the rest of the NFL games from over the weekend. Listen to the full conversation with the former Washington head coach on the audio player above.

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