JUNKIES: Chris Harris Jr. says key to Commanders-Broncos is Denver front seven vs. Washington offensive line


Chris Harris Jr. spent 12 years in the NFL and is now hosting a podcast on the Bleav Network, waiting to see where his NFL future lies – but his radio future saw an appearance on The Sports Junkies Friday morning, where the undrafted free agent turned four-time Pro Bowler gave the guys a look inside the Denver Broncos ahead of Sunday’s matchup.

The key for Denver, he says, is going to be how their developing offensive line can hold off a so-far underwhelming Broncos front seven.

“The interior has been our strongest unit right now,” Harris said, “but the edge rushers didn’t show up last week. They need to get those guys going in the pass rush. Randy Gregory and Frank Clark need to show up, and if I’m Sam Howell, he might have a little more time to hold the ball this week.”

That, and making sure they’re ready for the altitude.

“When you’re the away team, you need to travel on Friday, because it takes at least a day for your body to get adjusted to that altitude,” Harris said. “Just getting your body acclimated to the changes is big. Maybe do a little light workout, because that does help.”

Chase Young is cleared to play, although there’s no word yet on how much he will or what his role will be – but Harris says he’s not the kind of player to just give up on already.

“He’s still young, but he’s dealt with injuries and missed a lot of games, so he has a lot to prove. I wouldn’t give up on him yet, because usually, when you have freak athletes like him, you have to give them six years,” Harris said, invoking Jadaveon Clowney and Myles Garrett as reasons to be patient. “He has all the talent and physicality to be that type of player, so hopefully he can get there sooner than later.”

Take a listen as Harris recalls signing with the Broncos, his thoughts on Sean Payton’s influence so far and what he saw in Week 1, Jerry Jeudy’s status, going from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning, and much more!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images