Theismann good with Heinicke having WFT's starting job 'from the get-go'


Free agency will not begin for another fortnight, the NFL Draft is still seven weeks away, and training camp doesn’t start for another few months. But Washington legend Joe Theismann says he has seen enough to make a projection on the team’s starting quarterback.

"I'm good with Taylor Heinicke coming in and having the job right from the get-go," Theismann said recently on the Doug Flutie podcast, “Flutie Flakescast.”

And this is a big take considering not many knew much about Heinicke before he started for Washington in the playoffs.

"I didn't know anything about him," Theismann said. "Every snap he took, every play he executed, I grew more and more in admiration for him.”

Theismann pointed to three attributes that make Heinicke a good pick for Washington: Mental toughness, his throwing ability, and his familiarity with offensive coordinator Scott Turner’s scheme.