Is Bradley Beal good enough to carry a team deep into the playoffs?


Bradley Beal has already made up his mind about his NBA future but has yet to reveal it, according to The Athletic. Beal has previously said he is leaning towards returning to the Washington Wizards.

If that’s the case, Washington needs to get their All-Star some help.

“I’m really skeptical Kristaps Porzingis is gonna be that guy,” Washington Post NBA writer Ben Golliver told Grant & Danny Monday. “We’ve seen the Wizards recycle Bradley Beal’s supporting guys, but there’s a couple questions here.”

The main question, or reality, that the Wizards must face, is that even if Beal decides to return, there is work to be done to help capitalize on Beal’s prime and make Washington a playoff team, because the team needs more than just Beal.

“Is Bradley Beal good enough to carry a team on his back deep into the playoffs? When you look at that Eastern Conference landscape, the answer is no,” Golliver said. “Not trying to be disrespectful, but you’ve got Boston, Milwaukee, Miami, even Philadelphia. Toronto is on the rise. Cleveland is on the rise. There are a lot of teams with solidified core players. It’s asking a lot for a Bradley Beal to keep up in that mix.”

That will be the big challenge for the Wizards if and when Beal elects to return to the only franchise he has ever known, and even if their latest rebuild attempt doesn’t pan out and Beal asks to be traded elsewhere down the road, Golliver says that is still a better alternative than losing Beal now.

“Everybody wants to rush to the conclusion of ‘Beal is going to take he’s money and then maybe he’s gonna ask out down the road,’” Golliver said. “That’s become a pretty popular thing among superstar-level players…of course that’s a risk, but I think the alternative scenario where you’re not able to take care of Beal this summer and are trying to build a team without him in the immediate future, that looks a lot more dire.”