Liz's Kitchen: Chicken Milanese Sandwich recipe

Chicken Milanese Sandwich
Chicken Milanese Sandwich recipe Photo credit Liz Mantel

This is less of a recipe and more assembly instruction, but sometimes you need the EASY. I had a similar sandwich at a restaurant recently and I knew I had to be able to make this at home because it was that good! The thing I love about it is I could buy everything at the store and the only cooking for me was turning on the oven. If you love Milanese, you will love this sandwich!

Breaded chicken cutlet or breast
Arugula Salad mixture with dressing (I get mine from Wegmans)
Lemon Aioli (mayo with lemon juice, salt, and pepper)
Pickled Red Onions (recipe HERE, but store-bought it fine)
Hamburger Buns ( I prefer Pepperidge Farms)

Cook the breaded chicken to the instructions on the bag.
If you can, make your aioli the night before because it always tastes better the next day.
Spread the mayo on the sandwich bread, place the chicken on the bun, and then pile the arugula mixture high (a bag will be good for about 4 servings). Place the pickled red onions on top and then place the top bun on. So simple and so tasty.
You can serve it with your favorite side and it makes a really simple, yet tasty quick meal!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Liz Mantel