THANK YOU for supporting Nick & Kristen's 2022 Medical Debt Payoff!

Nick and Kristen's Medical Debt Payoff
Photo credit 99.5 The Wolf

***THANK YOU for all your donations! You helped Nick and Kristen payoff $4,112,348.23 for 3,290 people across the Pacific Northwest!***

We’re Nick and Kristen, the married morning show from Vancouver, Washington on 99.5 The Wolf. This holiday season, we are trying to do the impossible: Erase the medical debt for the entire Pacific Northwest.
We’ve partnered with RIP Medical Debt and for just $10,000 we can eliminate $1 million dollars in medical debt.

We are asking for your help this holiday season. No one should have to worry about paying their medical bills or presents for their children. If you can afford to give, we would love if you would think of us and our campaign.

-Nick and Kristen in the Morning

Photo credit 99.5 The Wolf
Photo credit 99.5 The Wolf
Featured Image Photo Credit: 99.5 The Wolf