Brett Eldredge is the most confident he’s ever been with release of new album ‘Songs About You’

'The confidence that I’ve found in my music and in myself has really set me free'

It’s been ten years since Brett Eldredge first hit #1 on the Country charts with his single “Don’t Ya,” and what better way to celebrate than the release of a brand new album?

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Eldredge joined Audacy’s Katie Neal to celebrate the release of his new album, Songs About You, by discussing what fans can expect, what he’s most proud of and how far he’s come since his the earlier days of his career.

“I feel glorious about it,” Eldredge said when asked about the new album. “I really feel like I found my thing over the last couple records and from Sunday Drive to now I just am really, really stepping it up to a whole nother level. Just the confidence that I’ve found in my music and in myself has really set me free in such a special way. I feel really good.”

Eldredge admits his fans have been a huge part of his growth by allowing him to grow and shape himself throughout the years while receiving nothing but support from his solid fan base.

“It’s not always the most popular thing to do — to lead and do your own thing — but it’s the most fulfilling,” he shared. “I have great fans that jump right in line for that and are there for me the whole way and it grows that way. That’s where I’ve learned to find success… is just fully being myself and I really feel that now.”

He continued, “The full intention of this is connect with my fans and everybody and have you take a part of it for your life… That’s really the only reason that I do it other than it gives me therapy as a writer but if I have nobody to listen to it, then what am I doing it for? So these songs are about you [the fans] and that’s why it made sense to name the album Songs About You.”

Clearly, Brett is excited to share the new music with fans and for optimum listening experience, he suggests listening while doing something that makes you feel good.

“You could literally go for a drive with the windows down, it can feel good with that… There’s some grooves in this record that are very much like, sit back with a glass of bourbon and chill too. I think it’s wherever you feel comfortable and where’ve you feel good is where the album’s gonna feel good and speak to ya!”

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Songs About You is available everywhere now.

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