Dustin Lynch feels ‘blessed’ to have ‘Chevrolet’ collaboration with Jelly Roll

‘It’s great to have that energy around’
Jelly Roll, Dustin Lynch
Photo credit John Shearer/Getty Images

More than a month since the release of Dustin Lynch’s latest album, Killed The Cowboy, fans have had plenty of time to pick their favorites and one gaining lots of attention, is “Chevrolet.” A duet with Jelly Roll featuring a very familiar melody — what’s not to love?

LISTEN NOW: Dustin Lynch feels ‘blessed’ to have ‘Chevrolet’ collaboration with Jelly Roll

“What a blessing,” Dustin said of the song that came together organically as he and Jelly both worked with producer, Zach Crowell. “That song came into my life as Jelly Roll was kinda getting back in with my producer Zach Crowell. They were talking about making music and it was just all of us being in the kitchen at the same time and it was a blessing.”

Both middle-Tennessee natives, Dustin shares he’s been a big fan of Jelly Roll from the early days. And while the collab was as natural fit for them both, the timing was a complete coincidence.

“And now, the timing of it! Jelly Roll — his career takes completely off of a rocketship ride and we have this song sitting there,” he shared. “I’m so pumped for my career to get to do a song with such a great human that is Jelly Roll.”

“To see what he is doing right now for himself, but also, he’s helping out a lot of people, man. It’s great to have that energy around.”

Fans will not only recognize the familiar voice of Jelly Roll on the project, but also the melody from “Drift Away,” originally sung by Dobie Gray. Lynch of course received the blessing from Gray, and also credits Mentor Williams, the original writer of “Drift Away,” on the project.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images