Jameson Rodgers married the woman who inspired his song from 2016

Meant to be

Jameson Rodgers is celebrating his newlywed status after tying the knot with wife, Sarah Turner, on September 5. While their relationship status as husband and wife may be new, Jameson says his feelings for Sarah are old news as he’s “had a crush” on her since he first met her in 2011.

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“I met her in 2011 at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville," Jameson told Audacy’s Coop. “Always had a crush on her, but it took a few years for those stars to align and for me to ask her out.”

His initial feelings were clearly no joke as Jameson recalls Sarah inspired a song he originally released in 2016 titled, “Girls That Smoke.” The song will reappear on his newest album, Bet You’re From A Small Town, releasing September 17.

“I married the girl that this song is about,” he said when asked about the track. “I’ve known Sarah, my now wife, for ten years…. we were friends, we had written together before and I always had a crush on her, but I didn’t know she smoked.”

He continued, ”I walked in this bar [one night] and she’s out on the patio smokin’ with some other friends and I was like, ‘Man that’s a side of her I didn’t know about.’ For whatever reason, I wrote the idea down in my phone, ‘girls that smoke’ and ended up writing it later.”

Fast-forward to now and it’s clear things have progressed quite a bit for Jameson, who is now married to Sarah and in the same month, releasing a brand new album and going on tour. Wow! Talk about keeping yourself busy…

“I messed up and planned a wedding, and album and tour within a two to three week span here. Not exactly how you probably should draw it up, but hey! I’ll take it."

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