Nicole Kidman gets in character to help Keith Urban promote new song 'Crimson Blue'

So maybe blue is his color...
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman
Photo credit Getty Images

Blue may not be his color, but “Crimson Blue” — now, that’s a different story…

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Urban recently took to Instagram to reveal the release of a new song, “Crimson Blue,” featured in the finale of the Hulu series, Nine Perfect Strangers. In honor of the release, and series finale Urban whipped up a one-of-a-kind blue smoothie with one very special ingredient added by the show’s Masha, played by Keith’s wife, Nicole Kidman.

In a video posted to his account, an enthusiastic Urban can be seen mixing together some rather questionable ingredients for a special “Crimson Blue” smoothie with a lurking Kidman, fully in character, in the background.

“Today we are making a very special smoothie for the brand new song we have called ‘Crimson Blue,’” Urban says before he starts mixing together ingredients like blue milk, blueberries and bleu cheese (yuck!). The last ingredient Urban calls for is something crimson, which prompts “Masha” to eerily enter the scene with a red substance in an eye dropper.