LOCAL: Creamery in Wicker Park Offers Boozy Ice Cream Treats

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Photo credit Darimo Roslan

Buzzed Bull Creamery in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood is perfect for the whole family!

The restaurant just opened in July, is located at 1948 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, and offers many hand-crafted made-to-order, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic frozen desserts and coffee. 

Their ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen, which allows all flavors to be made right there in front of you and can be vegan or sorbet based. Kids enjoy watching the ice cream get made within the cloud of nitrogen and adults can enjoy some booze in their treats as well for that extra boost!

The menu features 32 flavors of ice cream, 20 mix-ins, and plenty of liquor options to satisfy any craving! You can order items off the menu OR create your own sundae/milkshake featuring any of their flavors and mix-ins. Kids love the creativity it allows and adults love that the menu includes a recommended alcoholic pairing! If you are 21 and over, though, you can mix in any alcohol flavor you want, you do not have to follow the menu's recommendations. 

The amount of booze in the ice cream depends on the size: a small features one shot, the regular features a shot an a half, and a regular milkshake contains two shots.

The creamery's most popular drink is the 'Buzzed Bull' that contains caramel, espresso, and bourbon.

For all the info on the creamery and all their flavor options click HERE

Come on, what's better than ice cream that can get you a little buzzed?