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Get up and V Counted
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Elections are coming up in Georgia, so this is our opportunity to make our voices heard! Our friends at AARP created a comprehensive election guide where you can find up-to-date information about how to register, the rules for early voting, key deadlines and more. Visit to get all the information you need to cast your ballot. Your vote is important because it can change the future for you, your family and our community so stay informed and make sure your voice is heard. For the latest voting information visit

1. Deadlines to register to vote:
• Last day to register online is 10/10
• Last day to register by mail or in person is 10/11
2. Deadlines to request absentee ballots to vote by mail
• Last day to request to vote absentee is 10/28
3. How to vote by mail including signatures needed on all forms and envelope
• Completed absentee ballots can be returned in person or by mail. Be sure to
include your driver’s license or state ID number, or the last four digits of your
Social Security number, on the outer envelope. Ballots must arrive at your
county elections office by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8.
- In person: Before Election Day, at least one drop box for ballots is available in every county. Drop boxes are available only during early-
voting hours until Friday, Nov. 4. Your county’s drop box locations will be available when you log in to the My Voter Page closer to the election
date. You can also hand-deliver your ballot to your county elections
office on Election Day, but make sure you get there before it closes.
- By mail: Mail completed ballots to your county registrar. Mail your ballot
at least seven days before the election to help ensure it arrives by the
time polls close on Election Day. Postage is required.
4. Early days offered by the state to vote
• Early in-person voting, also referred to as advanced absentee in-person voting,
begins Monday, Oct. 17, and ends Friday, Nov. 4. Unlike Election Day, when you
must go to your precinct’s polling place, during early voting you can go to any
advanced polling location in your county.
5. ID needed to vote in person early or day of
• You must show an acceptable form of photo identification when voting in
person, which can be:
- A Georgia driver’s license, even if it’s expired
- A valid U.S. passport
- Any valid photo ID card issued by the state or federal government,
including a free ID card issued by the Georgia Department of Driver
Services or your county registrar’s office
- A valid U.S. military photo ID card
- A valid tribal photo ID card
- A valid employee photo ID card from any department, branch, entity or
agency of the U.S. government or any state, county, municipality,
authority, board or other Georgia entity
- If you don’t have an acceptable form of photo identification, you can get
a free voter ID card from the Department of Driver Services or any county
registrar’s office.
6. Phone numbers/websites and overall contact info in the state for voters with questions
• has all the most up to date information and links and
additional phone numbers to resources
• Secretary of state’s elections division at 404-656-2871 (toll-free at 844-753-
7825). TTY callers can dial 404-656-1787.

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