Douglas County Sheriff says 'parents must go back to being parents' following deadly double shooting

Sheriff Tim Pounds says old fashioned police work helped identify suspects

"When we were interviewing the children, the parents were there saying 'don't ya'll tell them anything'." Douglas County Sheriff Tim Pounds says they had to use "good old fashioned police work" to find those believed responsible for a deadly shooting that claimed the lives of 2 teenagers and injured 7 others.

Four arrests were announced this week. Sheriff Pounds says additional arrests are possible.

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Ajanaye Hill, age 14 (l) and 15 year old Samuel Moon (r) were shot and killed following a birthday party in Douglasville on March 4th. Photo credit Photos provided

It was March 4th when 14 year old Ajanaye Hill and 15 year old Samuel Moon were shot and killed following a birthday party on Talkeetna Road in Douglasville. Sheriff Pounds says Hill and Moon were innocent bystanders. He believes the shooting was gang related. "Everybody's carrying guns today, our children are carrying guns and they have no respect for life." Pounds adds "some of those children at the party were so young. We've got to stop being their friend and be their parent."

Those arrested are identified as 17-year-old twin high school students Chance and Chase McDowell, 17-year-old Kingston Cottman, and 18-year-old Timothy Coleman. The charges include two counts each of murder, seven counts each of aggravated assault, and nine counts each of aggravated assault.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Douglas County Sheriff's Department