Attorney Benjamin Crump says LaShawn Thompson autopsy concludes, 'the most deplorable death and custody case'

'Mr. Thompson was neglected to death'

Attorney Benjamin Crump along with colleagues and community leaders gathered with the family of LaShawn Thompson, 35, who died in a Fulton County Jail cell, to reveal the results of the independent autopsy.

"This is the worst, the most deplorable death and custody case in the history of the United States of America," Crump told Audacy Atlanta's Maria Boynton, "you have to be inhumane to watch a man day by day succumb to bed bug bites, the lice sucking the blood out of his body causing his heart to beat sporadically leading to his death."

The results of the independent report, paid for by of ex-NFL standout Colin Kaepernick, revealed that Thompson suffered "severe neglect evidenced by untreated schizophrenia, poor living conditions, poor grooming, extensive and severe body insect infestation, dehydration and rapid weight loss," Crump revealed.

The well known Civil Rights lawyer went on to say "Mr. Thompson was completely reliant on his caregivers to provide both day-to-day care as well as acute life-saving care," because according to Crump, he was suffering from mental health issues and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The toxicology report yielded negative results for medications in his bloodstream, which would mean that Thompson's schizophrenia was left untreated. "This is the most deplorable death and custody case," Crump said.

Medical examiner Dr. Roger Mitchell, who performed the independent autopsy, stated that Thompson was "neglected to death." While holding photos of Thompson's cell, Crump referred to it as a "torture chamber."

Family of LaShawn Thompson released photos showing the conditions of the cell where Thompson was housed
Family of LaShawn Thompson released photos showing the conditions of the cell where Thompson was housed Photo credit Michael Harper

While Crump commended Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat for acknowledging ongoing problems at the jail, he called on the Fulton County Commission to accept accountability as well.

Watch the full press conference to hear more about this case from Attorney Michael Harper, family spiritual leader-- Pastor Jamal Bryant, testimony from Thompson's family members, along with President of the Georgia NAACP-- Gerald Griggs and more.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Audacy Atlanta / Yasmeen Akbar