President-elect Joe Biden says COVID vaccines and care 'will be free'


As the Georgia runoff election has begun, President-elect Joe Biden spoke with V103’s Kenny Burns about his hopes for the future of the country.

“Feeling really optimistic about today,” Biden began before endorsing Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock for the US Senate.

“We’ve got to restore a sense of decency and honor and commitment to one another. We’ve got to unite this country. That’s why I’m so excited about the prospects of Jon [Ossoff] and the Reverend [Raphael Warnock] winning this thing,” Biden continued.

When asked about the issues Biden hopes to see facing the Senate in the coming year, Biden responded with concerns about COVID relief for American citizens.

“The thing that’s going to come before the Senate again is whether or not we keep the commitment and provide the money that the House of Representatives has made of $2,000 cash payments to families and families that make under 50 grand, and so they’re in trouble,” Biden explained.

Additionally, he went on to speak about COVID vaccine distribution.

“There’s no planning. The federal government has done virtually no planning,” Biden says of vaccine rollout. “I’m going to need their help in making sure that we establish thousands of federally run and federally supported community vaccination centers,” he continued. “We can do this, but it costs money.”

Many community members fear, however, that the vaccine will not be affordable when it becomes available to them. Biden then promised not only affordable, but free care.

“I guarantee you that in my administration, there will be no question – the vaccination is free… Treatment for COVID will be free…across the board,” he said. But in order for these wants to become reality, Biden needs Senate support. “I need their votes in the Senate,” he said.

Still, Biden remains hopeful that he’ll maintain the support he needs to put his hopeful policies into action.

“There are enough really decent Republicans – you’re seeing them step up now – in the United States Senate who don’t want to be part of this Trump Republican party,” Biden shared before emphasizing a message of unity.

“We cannot stand divided. We have to unify the country,” he said.