The John Collins trade rumors could be hitting "critical mass"

Brad Rowland from Locked on Hawks joined Chris Goforth to discuss the resurfacing of the John Collins trade rumors and how they could be hitting critical mass with how early they are emerging

Benjamin Franklin probably said it best because in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Well, he was almost right, as Hawks fans would need to include "John Collins trade rumors" in there somewhere because here we are again.

Brad Rowland joined Chris Goforth on Friday to discuss the rumors that have bubbled back up to the surface, but most importantly how this time might be different.

"I think what really happened is that Collins never kind of left the trade market. Obviously, there's sort of a dead period in the NBA from like August through November, December, where trades just don't really happen," Brad Rowland explained to Chris. "But I think Collins has just been available this entire time and on the other side, you know, the Hawks have been asking for a fair price for him and that's why they haven't traded him yet. They're not going to give him away."

John Collins is the longest-tenured Hawk and is widely considered to be a leader on this team. However, the 25-year-old forward is averaging career lows almost across the board. His three-point percentages (22 percent on the season) are down more than 24 percent from his career averages, and his points per game (12.1) are down a full four points.

While still immensely talented, it's becoming increasingly evident that he may not fit the current identity of the team and it may finally boil over.

"I think that it might reach a critical mass this time around. It is starting so early," Rowland continued. "You know I think that if I had to guess between now and February will he be traded? I probably would say yes at this point, but it's not like it's 90 percent either. I think it's always been in that you know 40 to 60 percent range depending on the day and I think he's been available but the Hawks have not, at least to this point, been willing to lower their asking price. Until they do that, there isn't a whole lot of urgency and part of the thing is, as you might imagine, the Hawks will win and I think if you're going to trade John Collins, you have to replace them with someone you can play at the power forward spot because he is by far their best power forward. That definitely adds a different dynamic to this."

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