BTMS Back to School: Douglas County Super says eyes in the sky will keep students safe

back to school, school safety, Atlanta
Douglas County School System students return to class on Wednesday, August 3rd. Photo credit Douglas County School System

Mobile Security Units are installed at high schools in Douglas County as students return to class this week. According to Superintendent Trent North they're the first school district in the nation to use them. He describes the units, similar to those seen in store parking lots across the metro, as "36 feet tall eyes in the skies."

Referring to the students, North tells the Big Tigger Morning Show "If we can get them in the school building we can keep them safe. If we can get them in their classroom they're guaranteed." The Mobile Security Units will be used to monitor students while they're in the school parking lot.

As for Covid-19 protocols, North says while students and staff are strongly encouraged to wear masks, they are not required to do so. "If you test positive," North advices, "we're sending you home and we're keeping you at home per the CDC guidelines."

Douglas County Schools reopen on Wednesday (August 3rd).