OPINION: Exclusive: Rising Singer Marzz Hits The ATL On Her 'Love Letterz' Tour & Talks Identity During Pride Month

Marzz Pulls R&B Inspiration From Greats Like Erykah Badu & Brandy
Marzz performing at The Masquerade (Pergatory) Photo credit Dana Miller

Liz Smith: First I have to start off by saying congratulations on all of your success so far! A lot of people, including myself, were introduced to your music when you performed at the 2020 Soul Train Awards, which by the way, was amazing. You definitely killed it! So what was that like, receiving that recognition and fame from a minute long performance?

Marzz: Um, it was crazy, to be honest, like, it was just super overwhelming, but in a good way! A lot of people could understand where I was coming from, so it just felt good to be like, oh, yeah, a lot of people have been where I’ve been. It's good to connect on that because mental health is important.It was cool to be able to free me and release that and receive love.

LS: So before you perform, do you get nervous? Were you nervous that night?

MZ: Listen, listen I was and I'm always nervous. Always get butterflies, always feel nauseous. But before I hit the stage I saw Jazmine Sullivan in the crowd, I was like, in my head "Girl, get it together! If you eff this up it’s over! I gotta do her justice." Because I love her. So I was just like, you know what I'm just gonna have fun with it and I did.

LS: Yeah you really did that! Speaking of mental health, can you tell us at what point in your life or your career did you accept exactly who Marz was like as a person and as an artist?

MZ: Honestly, when seeing that I'm not the only one that went through or goes through the stuff that I have, you know what I'm saying? I was just like, yeah, I know I'm crazy. So for me it was just like that moment when I realized who I'm supposed to be and I'm proud of that. It’s bigger than me.

LS: Was it challenging to have your tribe around you also except who you were? Did it take some time?

MZ: I feel like yes and no because my family is in the church heavy but my mom is very understanding so she's done nothing but support me and and she's just my biggest fan every day going up for me. So it's taking time but I love that.

LS: Love to hear that. Now in what ways or how are you celebrating Pride Month this this year?

MZ: When I get home me and my friends gonna turn up! Have a little kickback, celebrate on the bridge and be out with everybody at the waterfront and just have fun.

Marzz performing at The Masquerade (Pergatory) Photo credit Dana Miller

LS: Okay! Since you spoke about your city, Louisville, tell me what your city means to you.

MZ: My city means the world to me honestly, like it's a place where I feel like a lot of things changed and it's in a good way. 'm just super proud to be a part of something I love and my community. It's nothing but love and support. That's the best.

LS: I can say you definitely put on for your city. You and Jack Harlow holding it down for the city, which might I add would be a dope collaboration one day! Now outside of it being Pride Month it's also Black Music Month. What artists growing up inspired you or had any impact on your sound?

MZ: Um, I'm gonna say it’s a lot of artist but most definitely Brandy. Kehlani, I listened to a lot of Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu…I could go on for days!

LS: I can definitely see how all those vocalists influenced your sound for sure! Staying on the topic of vocalists, who are some of the artists that identify with the LGBTQ+ community that you would like to work with one day?

MZ: I feel like Kaash Paige is really hard. I love her, also Koffee for sure. Um, let's see Kehlani, Syd from the Internet, Victoria Monet be doing her thing too!

LS: That’s a dope list! My last question before you hit the stage, you talk a lot about love in your music. You don't stray away from this subject matter and we all know love can be beautiful. It can be tough as well! What lesson do you think you learned from your last heartbreak that you would do differently in your next relationship?

MZ: I would say trust my intuition, my gut. I'm learning now and also, not to think with my heart you know! See it for what it really is. And pf course put myself first and setting those boundaries that are needed.

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