The play that might have saved the Falcons season


The Falcons got their fifth win of the season over the Bears on Sunday and Dukes & Bell talked about the one play that changed the game for the Falcons while trailing 17-7 in the second quarter.

Carl talked about the play that changed the game for the Falcons.

“It was really about being down and turning a negative into a positive and that was of course Cordarrelle Patterson. The fumble changed the game and in a weird way the fumble went from being ‘oh damn, here we go’ to did he just do that? Because the kickoff return completely turned the momentum of the game around,” Dukes said. “And now it’s 17-14, we get the ball back, we kick a field goal before halftime and it’s 17 all and it’s a new ballgame.”

Dukes talked about how valuable Patterson has been during his time in Atlanta.

“I don’t know if there has been over the last two years a more valuable player and I’m being serious, I’m not talking about guys you drafted. This is a guy that you went out and signed and a lot of folks here in Atlanta went, what? Patterson? And he’s been such a difference making in so many games.”

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