What if Ian Anderson pitches well this weekend?


On Friday Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael were joined by 92.9 The Game Atlanta Braves Insider Grant McAuley and talked about what the Atlanta Braves would do with Ian Anderson if he pitches well this Saturday against the Miami Marlins after it was announced earlier this week that Anderson would be spending time in Triple A after his start this weekend.

“Well depending on the stay for Max Fried on the injured list that could potentially open a door where out of necessity…you’d kind of have to stick with Ian Anderson if you don’t feel like Max (Fried) is going to be back but there is no indication of that as of right now,” Grant responded when asked by Randy what if Ian Anderson pitches well this weekend.

After explaining how Anderson would have to be sent down to Triple A soon if he needs to work on his ‘stuff’ due to the minor league season winding down Grant went on to explain how Anderson’s role in the starting rotation will be filled if he indeed is not with the big league club for a while.

“The Braves are going to have to lean on Jake Odorizzi which is why they went out and got him…Kyle Muller is also down in Triple A and having a really good season though he did suffer a broken non-pitching hand and has had to work his way through that the last month. So there are a couple of other options but you don’t want to be getting down into August and September saying what are our other options to fill out our rotation right now? That’s just not a good place to be,” Grant added.

Anderson, who is 9-6 on the season with a 5.11 ERA, is scheduled to start the first game of Saturday’s double-header between the Braves and the Marlins.

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