Will AJ Griffin ever play for the Atlanta Hawks?


Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin joined Dukes & Bell for his weekly appearance on the show and talked about the NBA draft that took place last night. Koonin talked about the Hawks number one draft pick AJ Griffin who was picked sixteenth overall and will he ever play in the NBA for the Hawks?

Koonin talked about how last night was a good night for the Hawks.

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Will AJ Griffin ever play in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks?
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“I enjoyed the night too, I think anytime you can pick up a lottery quality player drafting in the middle of the pack is a really, really good night,” Koonin said. “I was thrilled with our pick and I think AJ is going to make an impact on this city over time.”

When asked if Griffin would ever actually play for the Hawks or be used in a trade to pick up a veteran presence.

“I would say that we drafted him to play for us but you never know, you never know. Today there’s not a secret plan that we took him somebody else, we took him for the Atlanta Hawks, but I’ll never say never on never and never.”