'Violence can not be the norm of protest of Atlanta-Dr. King never threw a molotov cocktail'

Faith and community leaders say Atlanta has a history of nonviolent protest
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Firefighters work to extinguish a fire after an Atlanta police vehicle was set on fire during a "Stop cop city" protest in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 21, 2023. Multiple buildings were vandalized and an Atlanta police vehicle was set on fire as multiple arrests were made. Photo credit Benjamin Hendren/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The throwing of molotov cocktails and setting fire to Atlanta police cars is "the work of Antifa" and won't be tolerated, according to a coalition of faith leaders and others in Atlanta. They are denouncing the violent protests waged by those purportedly against the planned Atlanta police training site in southeast DeKalb County. "In the city of Atlanta, the spiritual home of Martin Luther King Jr., we can't stand for it," says Pastor Shannon Jones, President of Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta.

"We don't need firebombs," says Jones adding, "all we need is for serious people to be concerned and to have a rational argument. Let's present it, let's get together at the table and let's work it out."

Pastor Jones talks about personally reaching out to Antifa

How can the police training center be a bridge to the community?

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Recent violence at the training center construction site, and in downtown Atlanta, has resulted in the arrest of several protesters. At least 20 of them are charged with Domestic Terrorism.

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Environmental activists hold a rally and a march through the Atlanta Forest, a preserved forest in southeast DeKalb County that is scheduled to be developed as a police training center, March 4, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo credit Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images

The latest confrontation with law enforcement came Saturday morning when opponents of Atlanta's new police training center were camping near the South River Forest where the facility is to be built.

A handful of people were reportedly detained by officers with one of the campers being placed under arrest.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Benjamin Hendren/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images