Who is the next face of the Falcons franchise?


The Falcons lost much more than just a #1 Receiver when they traded Julio Jones to the Titans, they lost on the the faces of the franchise.

So aside from the role of Julio Jones needing to be filled on-the-field, who is going to step into his shoes in the other aspects of what made him so special?

John Fricke and Hugh Douglas discuss who can join Matt Ryan and become the face of the Falcons franchise, especially when you know Ryan's role as that guy only has a few season left.

"I think it's Grady by default, because of the stuff he's doing here in the community and he's entrenched himself as a Falcons being from here, playing here, it has to be Grady," says Hugh Douglas.

The obvious candidates certainly are Grady Jarrett and Julio Jones, but don't count out Kyle Pitts or even Chris Lindstrom as options as well.