Naperville College To Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony With Student Shoutouts Recorded By Their Teacher Of Choice

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NAPERVILLE (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- North Central College in Naperville will hold its commencement festivities this weekend — with a virtual twist.North Central College told the 600 or so students who are graduating Sunday to pick someone at North Central who had an impact on their college experience so that person could announce their name during the virtual ceremony.Graduating senior Davin Allen picked area hall director Vince Pizzo, who was Allen's boss when he was a resident assistant in a dormitory. He said Pizzo stands out in his mind because of his energy and what he's taught him over the years.

"You’re a product of your environment," Allen said of what he learned from Pizzo. "(He was) just always reassuring in that the work that we do is impactful and it means something to someone whether we see it or not."

Allen lives with his grandparents in Skokie and said he will be the first person in his family to graduate from college. He said Sunday, "will be exciting for parents and I think that students may feel a little in between... cause it's not quite walking the stage, however, it is a celebration."As for finishing his final eight weeks of classes online at home, Allen said it has not negatively impacted his college experience.

"Even though this semester's cut short, it doesn't take away the last three years of experiences," he said.Emily Adams, who lives in north-central Wisconsin and finished her classes in December, said she is excited to be graduating after all these months, even if it's a virtual ceremony. While she is disappointed it cannot be in person, she understands why and is still wrapped up in nerves.