Will 'Chicago Party Aunt' play in Peoria, Arizona? New Netflix series debuts Sept. 17

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(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The character Chicago Party Aunt moves from Twitter to Netflix in two weeks, and the man who created the persona is as surprised as anyone.

"No! I started it in my boxer shorts," Chris Witaske said Friday of his comedy Twitter account that channels the spirit of an aging party girl who makes jokes about standing in line at "the Jewels” and past encounters with weather titan Tom Skilling and the Empire Carpet man.

"The first tweet was 'I just hooked up with a Dave and Buster's night manager to get extra prize tickets,’” Witaske told The Bernstein and Rahimi Show on 670 The Score.

The Twitter account built in popularity. Now, the concept has a 16-episode commitment from Netflix.

"The driving force of the show is like, is she going to evolve with the times or is she going to stay true to her heart and who she is?" explained Witaske.

He said the Chicago-centric comedy in the show will play well to a national audience.

"No matter where you live or where you're from, everybody knows a woman like this," he said. "Everybody has a 'party aunt' in their lives."

Second City alumna Lauren Ash provides the voice of party aunt Diane Dombrowski, and Witaske voices the character of her ex-husband, Kurt: "He's a great Chicagoan with a huge pushbroom mustache -- and a very thick Chicago accent."

The "Chicago Party Aunt" animated series premieres Sept. 17 on the streaming service.