Senator Mike Braun to Chicago police officers: Indiana police departments hiring, no vaccine mandate

Coronavirus vaccine and handcuffs

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Chicago police officers who don’t want to follow the city’s vaccination mandate are being welcomed across the border in Indiana.

Republican U.S. Senator Mike Braun posted on Twitter, "My office stands ready to help connect Chicago police officers to an Indiana police department that is hiring now and doesn’t have a vaccine mandate. Welcome to Indiana!"

In a statement, Sen. Braun told Fox News, "Our police do the hardest job in the world, and they deserve respect — not losing their pay or being fired for refusing to comply with a ridiculous vaccine mandate."

He said Chicago’s mandate is “government overreach.”

Sen. Braun spoke to the Indy Star, saying he does encourage people to get vaccinated.

"But I recommend people to get it. When it comes to any one individual, whether they choose to do it or not, that shouldn't be public discourse, it should be up to the individual, because I do not believe, categorically, that you need to have things like vaccine passports," Sen. Braun said.

“I believe my vaccination status and everyone else’s is their own business, and one’s job should not be dependent upon it."

Indiana State Police District #13 also reached out via Twitter, writing "Hey Chicago Police Officers, we’re hiring! No vaccine mandate. Apply today at Lower taxes, great schools, welcoming communities."