PHOTO: Hunter bags incredibly rare 16-point 'antlered doe'

antlered doe
Photo credit (Mo. Dept. of Conservation)

MONROE COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) - Wildlife experts have confirmed a Missouri man killed a rarely seen "antlered doe" on his property. And it was a 16-pointer.

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The exact chances of finding a so-called "antlered doe" can vary. Some say it's only a .1% chance, others believe the chances are somewhere between 1-in-5,000 or 1-in-10,000.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says Samuel Perotti shot the deer on his land in Monroe County and immediately called officials when he thought it was a natural phenomenon. An agent went out and confirmed it was a "antlered doe."

According to outdoors experts, the animal is likely not a real doe, but a hermaphrodite. There are two types of hermaphrodites:

• True hermaphrodite: Deer with both male and female organs. True hermaphrodites are a result of a genetic anomaly and do not result in one single outcome every time.
• Pseudohermaphrodite (also know as cryptorchid): This deer would have internal male or female organs that would not be easily identifiable. Pseudohermaphrodites have the internal organs of one sex but the external organ of the opposite.

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