Morgan Wade gets inspired by Miley Cyrus and a slice of humble pie from Cracker Barrel

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Morgan Wade
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Country artist, Morgan Wade, is starting to gain some traction after years of touring with her song, “Wilder Days.” Despite her growing following, Wade remains humble, but does admit she hopes her new found fame will allow her to rub elbows with one of her idols — Miley Cyrus.

“Love her,” Morgan told Audacy’s Coop of Cyrus. “Her and I were growing up at the same time… as I was growing up and changing, so was she. It’s so cool to look back through all her different styles.”

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She continued, “I have not gotten to meet her. It may or may not be something that I have practiced in my head,” she admitted, laughing. “Things like how to say my name and ‘hello’ because I’m nervous I’m going to forget my name or something when I do meet her because she’s just the coolest.”

After hearing about a recent experience Wade had during a trip to Cracker Barrel, it’s probably a good idea for the 26-year-old to practice as much as she can before meeting Cyrus, seeing as she doesn’t appear to have the best timing.

Wade went on to share a story she had while trying to buy a $4.99 peg game at  Cracker Barrel when a miscommunication with the cashier turned awkward real quick.

“She was trying to ring me up and she asked what I was doing,” Morgan explained. “I never say anything [about my career]. Generally I’m just like, ‘Oh, I’m traveling,’ but the one time… I thought I heard her say… ‘oh, anything I’ve ever heard?’ And I was like, ‘Well, I have a song on the radio.’”

Things got awkward for Wade when she heard the cashier respond, “That’s cool, I said ‘Your card didn’t work.’” Oopsies! “It was the most awkward moment I’ve had in a really long time,” she shared, painfully recalling the experience.

“Ive had a lot of people be like, ‘Should we start a GoFundMe? And I’m like No! I have