43 North narrows down finalists

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Photo credit 43 North located on Ellicott Street in Buffalo (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)
By: Kellie Scanlon

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Fifteen start up companies introduced themselves to the 43 North competition judges for the chance to win shares of $5 million this week.

In addition to the funding, the competition will give its winners mentorship, free office space at Seneca One Tower, plus recruiting and marketing support and access to local customers and investors.

After pitching their ideas, 10 of those 15 companies will present their final pitch on Wednesday night at Shea's Performing Arts Center, where eight winners will be selected.

"This is a community that stands ready to anchor and accelerate the growth of these companies," 43 North President Alex Gress said.

Winners among the following ten finalists will be announced starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

BridgeCare – Seattle, WA


BridgeCare is the AI-powered co-parent: a workplace benefit lightening the load for working parents. By leveraging underutilized tax benefits, BridgeCare makes it easy and affordable for every employer to solve the overwhelming caregiving challenges that have already driven 50% of millennials to leave their jobs.

Circuit Clinical (TrialScout) – Buffalo, NY


Circuit Clinical is one of the largest integrated research organizations in the U.S., and through its Clinical Services Team and patient platform TrialScout, empowers patients to choose clinical research as a care option.

GroupRaise – Houston, TX


GroupRaise is a marketplace that helps groups of 20-200 people make reservations at restaurants willing to donate a percentage of the sales back to a charitable cause.

HotelsByDay – New York, NY


HotelsByDay is a marketplace offering technology and protocols that unlock hotel day room inventory and booking flexibility. With over 99,000 realized bookings in 4 years, HotelsByDay is a proven solution to increase revenues, monetize room downtime, reduce hotel customer acquisition costs, and improve guest experiences.

Peanut Butter – Chicago, IL


Peanut Butter helps companies offer student loan assistance as a benefit. Employers offering student loan assistance are able to hire faster, retain talent longer, and improve diversity, while making a positive impact on their employees’ financial future and contributing to the solution for America’s $1.5T student debt crisis.

PocketSuite – San Francisco, CA


PocketSuite helps any solopreneur make a living by making it easy for clients to regularly book and pay them. You can access all of your client information and schedule, book appointments, get paid, and manage your business all from a smartphone.

Rally – New York, NY


Rally is a technology platform that has moved hundreds of thousands of riders by enabling individuals to self-aggregate and create bus trips on-demand. Rally creates pop-up mass transit solutions, creating new demand for the private bus industry. In Rally’s multi-faceted marketplace, the primary beneficiaries are riders, bus operators, and events.

Robodub – Seattle, WA


Robodub is solving the last mile logistics problem with a new patent pending drone technology. Our drones can carry multiple payloads, dynamic/shifting payloads, and can fly in harsher weather conditions. The U.S. Navy, Army, Special Ops Forces, and Air Force are among our customers.

Strayos – St. Louis, MO


Strayos is a visual AI platform to reduce cost and improve efficiency in mining operations for optimized drill/blast and pre-excavation sub-surface object detection for infrastructure projects.

WhoseYourLandlord – New York, NY


WhoseYourLandlord is a SaaS platform empowering and informing the rental community through landlord reviews and housing literacy content. Our goal is to increase transparency in the residential market, and to bridge the communication gap between renters and home providers through verified reviews and through online sentiment analysis software.

About 43North 

43North is the startup competition that invests $5 million annually to attract and cultivate high-growth startups in Buffalo. 43North portfolio companies also receive free incubator space in Buffalo for one year, guidance from mentors in related fields, and access to other business incentive programs such as START-UP NY. 43North operates through the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Empire State Development and several other sponsors. For more information about 43North, visit www.43north.org.