Easter Message of hope and thanks from Mayor Brown

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Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has issued a video Easter message of hope and thanks as residents continue to remain in their homes this Easter Sunday.

"Right now, we are being tested, but we need to believe in life and to pray for hope and strength", the Mayor states in his message.

The city also reports The Broadway Market is now closed for the Easter season. It closed Saturday at 6pm.

Customers took advantage of the new curbside pick up service at the market this week with approximately 200 curbside orders placed.The curbside service was put in place to help ease crowding in the market during COVID-19.

The Broadway Market will be closed on Monday and will reopen on Tuesday morning at 8am.

Mayor Brown's Easter Message:

Hi. I’m Mayor Byron Brown, hoping you and your families are staying strong as we continue to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Easter Season is traditionally a time of joy and a celebration of resurrection. Right now, we are being tested, but we need to believe in life and to pray for hope and strength. This Easter, please join me in keeping all of those who have died… or who are sick or suffering… in our hearts and prayers. In this time of great sadness and tragedy, the most important thing that we have to rely on is our faith, and we need to count every blessing that we have and to believe that this darkness will end and that a new day will dawn.

I want to thank all the individuals, groups, organizations, clergy and companies that have been so generous to the City of Buffalo. It’s truly a testament to the depth of our compassion as the City of Good Neighbors.

I also want to thank those on the front lines including our healthcare professionals, first responders and those who work in ‘essential’ jobs that benefit all of us. You are our heroes and may God keep you safe.

As we are forced, out of love and care during this time of social distancing, to observe this Easter, in the solitude of our homes, we can still be together to promote a message of hope in a meaningful way.

We ask that you celebrate with those in your household, but feel free to reach out via phone, text, or social media to all those who you would normally celebrate with.The City of Buffalo remains united in this crisis, stronger because of our diversity and our faith. God bless you and your families in this holy season.