How Long Will We Need to Wear Masks?

Photo credit Getty Images

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) We've been told to stay at least six feet apart from each other since the coronavirus outbreak, and we've also been told to wear masks in public. How long will that mandate continue?

Dr. Joseph Chow of WNY Immediate Care says when the numbers of the virus come down to acceptable levels, he believes the mask requirement will go away. "A lot of things need to go along with that, phases, testing, and goals like decreasing hospitalizations and admissions need to be met," says Chow, who says we'll be wearing masks for the short-term future. He says it will be at least six weeks before there's any talk of lifting that requirement. 

Russo adds masks need to be in conjunction with social distancing. "Maska are not perfect, and people do not always wear them properly, so if you can maintain that six foot zone, that's desirable. Obviously, hand hygiene is another part, and you'll want to wash your hands whenever you touch a surface that might be potentially contaminated," adds Russo.