Jamestown Plastics Making Face Shields for First Responders

Plastic Shields being produced at Jamestown Plastics
Photo credit Jamestown Plastics Photo

Brocton, N.Y. (WBEN) - A small company in Chautauqua County finds itself playing a big role in the fight against coronavirus.

"We have the capacity to produce 55,000 to 60,000 TrueHero Shields a day, and we could increase that number very quickly" said Baker. The name, True Hero, he said, reflects the people on the frontlines.

Baker couldn't put into words, the pride that is felt among his employees. "I get choked up and when I get choked-up, I cry, and I can't talk" said Baker. "It goes way beyond pride."

Seventy five percent of what Jamestown Plastics does is medical and automotive packaging.  His workforce stands at 135. 

At this time, the shields are not available to the general public. "We understand that people would love to have them for their personal use, and I hope someday we can meet that demand," said Baker.  "But right now these shields are available only for first responders or for those in the medical field."