Wegmans increases hourly wages $2/hour in March, April

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Rochester, N.Y. (WBEN) - In response to the Coronavirus outbreak and the demand it is placing on its stores, Wegmans is responding and ensuring a reliable workforce by increasing hourly compensation by $2 per hour for March and April.

Wegmans sent a letter this week to its employees describing them as “our team of 50,000 heroes.”

The letter notes that there has never been a time like this in the history of the family-owned company, and it also says that more than ever, the communities where Wegmans has stores needs them, noting that customers depend on the stores for food, medicine and essential health provisions.

The letter, from Wegmans senior officials, says that they also recognize that as they serve customers, the employees have concerns of their own, but still focus on helping others.

As a measure of appreciation, Wegmans will offer $2 more per hour during March and April.