Buffalo mayoral campaigns active as AOC rallies support for India Walton in mayoral race

India Walton Rally

BUFFALO (WBEN) - As the early voting period across New York State began Saturday afternoon, the mayoral campaigns in Buffalo were actively campaigning for votes and to solidify their bases.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a visit to Buffalo to hold a rally in support of India Walton.

The event was held at Town Ballroom, and people waited in line for a long time to get in.

"Are you ready to elect one of the most bad ass mayors in the United States?" Ocasio-Cortez asked to an energized base of support. "We're here to rally; we are here to be in community; we are here to bear witness to the fact that we are not alone, that together we are powerful, but we have to take that energy and put it into action."