Bills themed campaign signs provide new outlet for business in strange year

ALLEN/DIGGS - 2020 Popping up on lawns across WNY
Allen/Diggs 2020
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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - For and owner Rory Allen, 2020 has brought challenges seen by far too many other small businesses.

His company offers custom on-demand printing, which has seen some demand in spurts.

"It's our weirdest year by far not just for obvious reasons, but it's the biggest feast or famine year we've ever had," Allen said. "There will be upticks and then downturns that I could never expect."

Over the years, Allen and ZoomBuffalo have made some interesting parody lawn signs while they're not working on something for a client. In 2020 that idea has taken off, not with any sign promoting a political candidate, but one promoting the Buffalo Bills: ALLEN - DIGGS 2020.

"Obviously, for all the right reasons, it's worked out because the Bills are off to a hot start," Allen said. "More importantly, there is a uniting factor in a place like Western New York. You and your neighbor may not get along about politics, but this is typically something most of us can get along about."

The signs have been popping up on lawns all across Western New York, growing in popularity with every Bills win. They are now even available in some stores. The idea was received so well here, ZoomBuffalo is now making similar signs for fans of other teams... just not for the Patriots.

"There's a couple of teams we stayed away from, we're certainly sensitive to that."