Forget the battery operated clothing at Bills Pats game

Electric clothing prohibited at stadium
Bills fans at Highmark Stadium
Bills fans at Highmark Stadium Photo credit Timothy T. Ludwig, USA Today Sports

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) With bone chilling conditions forecast
when the Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots Saturday night at Highmark Stadium, fans may be considering wearing battery operated clothing, such as socks, gloves, hats and jackets.

But those items are on a list of prohibited items at the stadium.

It's not just Highmark Stadium that bans them. Checking other outdoor cold weather stadiums, we found that electric clothing is also banned a Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

It's not an NFL policy. This type of clothing is permitted at some stadiums, including Lambeau Field in Green Bay and First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, for example.

The Buffalo Bills had no comment on the policy, saying the list speaks for itself.

"The Hammer," aka Eric Matwijow, from Hammer's Lot, a popular tailgating lot
across the street from the stadium in Orchard Park, commented on the electric clothing ban.

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"With the world environment now, and the potential for it (batteries) to be used wrongly, it's an enforced rule. If people do their due diligence and check what's allowed, it's clearly on the list," he said.

While many fans think the rule is in place to keep people from throwing batteries onto the field, Hammer thinks it's more of an anti-terrorism policy.

Hammer's Lot opens at 2pm Saturday. He's bringing in lighting towers to make it as bright as daylight and hopefully make people warmer.

He also suggests everyone keep a full tank of gas, whether you're going to the game, or not. "You might be using your vehicle as a warming hut, and being a night game, traffic will be slower, so you may be stuck in traffic."

One of Hammer's preferred articles of clothing are Alpaca socks. "As long as my feet are warm, with many layers from ski wear, I should be ok. The main thing is to keep moving around." He adds, bring a piece of cardboard to separate your boots from the concrete.

We received other suggestions from listeners on the WBEN Text Board:

* If you put deodorant (*actually make sure it's antiperspirant) on your feet they won't sweat in your boots in the cold causing them to stay drier

*Smart wool socks (that's the name brand). They come in knee socks. Awesome! I wear every day -- Fedex'r here!

*Pro tip for warm toes, wear knee high panty hose under your socks.

*If you cannot have electric sox, how about what hunters wear, items made of GORTEX.

*How about a skiing outfit: a bib and warm jacket with skiing gloves on and I put chapstick on my face

*Don't forget hats that pull down and cover your face, just the eyes are out

*Wool socks are key. Wool gives off an exothermic chemical reaction when it gets wet

*Wear "wicking" socks and thermal underwear. Keeps moisture away from skin.

*Put a stack of newspapers under your feet to insulate them from the fridgid concrete which radiates the cold.

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