'Bear Crawler' Devon Levesque To Take On NYC Marathon

-Brad Blanks/Scott Shannon in the Morning

A "bear crawl" is the excruciating exercise that personal trainers make you do during a workout where you get on all fours and crawl, painfully, on the ground gasping for air. They call it a “full-body” workout to make it sound like it's somehow beneficial to your hopeful transformation from unfit flabby person to buffed adonis. Judging from NYC personal trainer Devon Levesque’s Instagram page, this crazy exercise definitely transforms bodies! Devon wants to take it to a whole new level and “bear crawl” the 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon.Devon started his “bear crawl” marathon quest after trying it over a shorter distance. Devon said, “I did a mile and I was like, oh man, I might of bitten off more than I could chew. And then I did two miles and then three, and then after a month I'm up to five and I'm like, I got this.”

I asked Devon a reasonable question: why would you do this? He replied, “I want to do it to raise awareness on mental health and raise awareness on suicide. I wanted to do something that changes the way people think about the human body and what it's capable of.”The organization that is supporting him leading into the marathon is the Fit Ops Foundation. Devon went on to say, “they help veterans find their purpose through fitness. They put them through a three-week training program after they come out of the military. And after that three weeks, we help place them in jobs and they find purpose again through fitness.”If you don’t see Devon crawling around the Manhattan streets you will find him at Performix House gym. About his current training program, Devon said, “I do a (bear crawling) lap around the football field. And then I do a handstand walk for 30 yards. And then I jog 200 yards, and then I do a farmer's walk where you have two dumbbells in your hand and you walk down the football field and back. And then I repeat that 10 times. It takes me about two and a half hours.”