'Billions' Actor Kelly AuCoin Says His Actual Wife Would Kick Dollar Bill Out

Billions character Dollar Bill is beloved by fans, but not so much by the actor's actual wife!I asked Kelly AuCoin how he would explain his character, Dollar Bill, to people that don’t know him or watch the show. He replied, "My sister has never watched the show. How would I explain it to my sister? When I talk to her, I think I double down too hard on some really choice swear words, and d*****bag would be the lightest."If you watch the show Billions you will know the character Dollar Bill. He is Bobby Axelrod’s (Damian Lewis) analyst at the infamous hedge fund, AXE Capital. One of Bobby’s most trusted men, Dollar Bill has an everlasting need to make a buck and is brilliantly portrayed by New York actor, Kelly AuCoin. I caught up with Kelly by zooming into his Brooklyn house. I asked Kelly if the legend of Dollar Bill continues to grow in this next season of Billions.  He said, “There'll be some interesting little wrinkles for Dollar Bill this year. How does he respond when things aren't always going his way? And how does he respond when his life is about making money; his life is about making the deal, no matter what.” I asked him if he is recognized when he walks around Manhattan, a city built upon the might of Wall Street and people like Bobby Axelrod and Dollar Bill. He laughed and replied, “There are times when one person sort of screams out, "Dollar Bill." They're like, "Hey, bleep, bleep, bleep, Dollar Bill!" And that gets other people turning and it's like, "Oh, it is that guy. It's not just some other bald guy." Interestingly, cops and firemen; I'll go by a firehouse and it's like, "Dollar Bill, Dollar Bill, Dollar Bill!"Kelly has had a fantastic career in New York City over the last 20 years. He has performed on Broadway many times and even went head to head with Denzel Washington in the production of Julius Ceasar. He has also been in House of Cards and The Americans. I had to ask him the universal question of how many different characters he has played in the different versions of Law and Order.He quickly replied, “Six times.”I followed up with which one of those was the weirdest. Kelly went on to say, “I was always the suit guy that was just a real snot. So the weirdest role I would have played if my grandmother had her way; she was like, "Oh, you're on 'Law and Order'; do you get to play the victim?" And I had to tell her, "Did you ever watch the show? The victim is always dead when the show starts." She was like, "Yeah, but still, I think that would be really interesting." Okay, Grandma. Good for you.”A beloved character by the fan base of the Billions, I asked him what would happen if he brought the character Dollar Bill home to his ACTUAL wife after a day’s filming. He curtly replied, “I've already been told I'm out… I'd be on the street. I'd be over at your place. I hope you got an extra room.”Imagine having Dollar Bill living in your spare room?! I think it would be good fun. And I’ll let Kelly AuCoin attest to one of Dollar Bill’s great attributes, “But he's loyal. He is loyal!