Dr. Oz takes the COVID-19 vaccine, addresses public hesitation against it

'What would it take for you to feel comfortable taking the vaccine?'
Dr. Oz with Scott Shannon and Patty Steele
Photo credit WCBS-FM

Dr. Mehmet Oz made his first appearance on the big show in 2021 and we had a lot to talk about!

He told us he received the Pfizer version of the COVID-19 vaccine last week and says he feels great. “I got my shot last Monday,” Dr. Oz says, “I had no problem at all!” And while he was happy with his reaction, he did some further investigation.

“Most of my colleagues at Columbia had arm soreness, one guy had a slight fever,” he says. As for the 2nd shot, Dr. Oz says “most of my colleagues had a little fever for a few hours and that’s about it. Nothing significant.”

We asked Dr. Oz to give advice to anyone hesitant to inject the vaccine, and he was matter of fact about what you should do. “People can justifiably say we don’t know what’s going to happen a year or five from now,” he says, “so draw a line in the sand, what would it take for you to feel comfortable taking the vaccine?"

"Because the side effects of taking it outweigh the loss of life.” Dr. Oz has launched System 21 - A month-long wellness plan to kick off 2021, combining intermittent fasting with aspects of the Mediterranean diet. “Hugh Jackman taught me how to do it,” he says, “He was doing it for his movies, and he learned it from the bodybuilders!”

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