Big Show Best Of 2020 Podcast

Thanks for listening to the big show in 2020! Here's a compilation of our funny moments this year (mostly know).

The big show will be back on CBS-FM Monday, January 4th 2021! Until then, enjoy our best of and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very happy New Year!

(here's the list of bits with dates and descriptions!)

1-8 SUE DEER IN HEADLIGHT – First funny bit of the year! While talking about the Jeopardy “Greatest Of All Time” tournament, Sue says Brad Rudder was like “A deer without a headlight” which causes a lot of laughs (1:15)

1-9 GOOD OR BAD IDEA – We played a game called “Good or Bad idea,” talking about a proposed Broadway musical of “The Nanny” and a live TV version of Young Frankenstein (1:38)

1-16 KINDERGARTEN COP – Brad says his son Harvey wants to start watching more adult themed movies. Sue says she regrets showing her kids Kindergarten Cop, which is said to be the reason why her kids are the way they are. The dump button is used because someone said the word “Cop” wrong. (2:29)

1-16 HARVEY DOOLITTLE – Harvey Blanks reviews of the Robert Downey Jr. movie “Doolittle” & Scott Harvey a compliment on being raised well, but not by his dad. (1:15)

1-21 BRAD BEN SIMMONS – Brad says he’s close with NBA Star Ben Simmons, but it turns out it’s his son Harvey who Ben is friends with! (1:34)

1-21 PORN HUB SUBTITLES– Talking about a deaf man who complains about Porn Hub not showing subtitles with it’s premium subscription. Jokes are made, and Brad couldn’t stop laughing at his own! (1:05)

1-21 WAZE PROBLEMS– A funny story about Waze directing people headed to the Borgata in Atlantic City to go 70 miles away to the Pine Barrons leads to Sue telling a Waze story she shouldn’t have told! (2:13)

1-24 FALLING IGUANAS – Story out of Florida saying people are less concerned with impeachment & more focused on Iguanas falling from trees. (2:05)

1-24 LOUIE JINGLE CHANGED – Right after talking about the Iguanas falling off trees in Florida, Scott surprised Louie with an updated version of the Louie Louie goes to the movie jingle. (1:05)

1-27 SINATRA TOILET – A  story about Frank Sinatra’s toilet being sold at action leads to some funny reaction (2:08)

1-27 BOWLING HEALTHY EATING – As we prepared for our first ever bowling trivia brain buster, we are told about a mess that was made in the Shannon household while someone was trying to cook some healthy food. (2:44)

1-31 BRAD SUPERBOWL PARTY– Brad Blanks checks in from Miami at a Super Bowl watch party & talks about someone he saw at Prime Steak House. (:42)

1-31 TERRY BRADSHAW SETUP – Brad Blanks checks in from the Super Bowl and reports that he was able to interview Terry Bradshaw! Before we heard the new interview, we play back part of OUR 2019 interview with Terry that caused some controversy (2:38)

1-31 TERRY BRADSHAW FORGIVES – Brad checks in from the Super Bowl and we play back his new interview with Terry Bradshaw…which happened on an escalator! We find out that Terry forgives Scott and puts closure on our interview from 2019 that caught Terry by surprise when he called to promote his concert at the Borgata in AC.  (4:27)

2-6 SPARTACUS MOVIE LIVE– For the week leading up to the Oscars, the Louie Louie mystery movies were acted out LIVE by members of the show! In this clip, Louie had Scott & John act out a scene from Spartacus with hilarious results! (2:25)

2-7 TITANIC MOVIE LIVE – For the grand finale of the special LIVE Oscars edition of Louie Louie goes to the Movies, Louie had Patty & Brad act out a scene from The Titanic. (3:32)

2-25 BACHELOR MOM FUNNY – Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of a scene in The Bachelor when the Bachelor’s mother dramatically says to him “bring her home.” So we have fun with the over the top clip. (2:07)

3-2 BRAD SAUDI CUP- Brad tells us about his visit to Saudi Arabia where he covered the Saudi Cup. We question how he was chosen to cover this exclusive event. (1:37)

3-2 PLACIDO DOMINGO TROUBLE – Placido Domingo was accused of sexual misconduct, and we question how his spokesperson “spoke” about the accusations with a “no comment.” (1:23)

3-2 LOUIE SEES CELINE – Louie reviews his first ever Celine Dion concert, to the amusement of the rest of the big show. He probably shouldn’t have told us he bought a “courage” world tour tote bag! (3:01)

3-2 OHIO MAN BEER DIET– A man from Ohio makes the news for going on a Beer only Diet. He attempted to go 50 days on the diet, we were skeptical. (1:31)

3-3 BRAD JAMES LIPTON – “Inside The Actor’s Studio” host James Lipton had passed away at the age of 93, so Brad brought in an old interview he did with James that took an unexpected turn. (1:47)

3-5 WHITE CASTLE HOF– Big show listener Ron was our mystery movie winner and he shares a fun fact with is that he’s in the White Castle Hall Of Fame. And it just so happens that Louie Louie is also a hall of famer, so they share their stories! (2:45)

3-5 CORONA PORN – Just as coronavirus was beginning to become serious in New York, Patty tells a story about “Corona Porn,” a new genre in the adult film industry. (1:15)

10-12 HUGH JACKMAN – It’s Hugh Jackman’s birthday, so Scott tells stories about his favorite movie “The Greatest Showman” and the guy who yelled “don’t do it Wolverine” at one of Hugh’s Broadway shows (1:55)

10-12 PHIL COLLINS DRAMA – A story about Phil Collins having to kick his ex-wife out of his house leads to dating advice for Deano to help him avoid similar situations to Phil Collins. (1:16)

10-27 HEADPHONES KILLED RATINGS– Scott talks about the Big Show being dropped from first to second in the ratings due to lack of headphone listeners. (2:51)

10-27 HEADPHONE BIT WITH BRAD– Scott talks about the Big Show being dropped from first to second in the ratings due to lack of headphone listeners. Brad joked about Jeffrey Toobin being the reason for the decrease in listeners. (:54)

10-27 SCOTT LIKES KELLYOKE– The Big show loves Kelly Clarkson’s Kellyoke segment of her show. Scott asks Patty if she knew how to get a hold of her & Patty says she wouldn’t want to come on the number 2 radio station. (1:00)

10-30 PAM FUNNY WINNER– Pam from New Hyde Park can’t control her laughing after she wins the mystery movie…her laughing is epic! (1:21)

10-30 CURSES AT NUN– Scott tells a story about a time when a driver crashed into his Corvette While he was on his way to his shift. The driver was in the wrong, but Scott explains his regret in throwing a few swear words at the woman responsible for the crash. (3:31)

10-30 NUN FOLLOWUP BRAD (must play after “CURSES AT NUN” to make sense) – Brad calls in to talk about the new Bachelorette taking over mid-season but somehow ties it into Sister Mary the Nun who got into an accident with Scott (:50)

11-2 BRAD BLANKS HALLOWEEN – Brad gives a quick & funny recap of his Halloween weekend (:47)

11-2 CARL HEINZ– Scott mentions the Birthday of one of his good friends Carl Heinz from Austria & tells a quick story about when he introduced himself to Carl. (:41)

11-2 LOUIE TWEETS COHEN– The Big Show talks about Steve Cohen buying the Mets. Louie is a die-hard Mets fan & sent a Tweet of high importance to Cohen. (3:31)

11-3 SCOTT FIRED TOILET – Talking about a Chinese company putting timers in the bathrooms because employees took too long on the toilet, that brings up a Scott story about getting fired for falling asleep on the toilet at his job at Oscars bakery in Arkansas (3:20)